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AllChek Blood Glucose Meter Glucose Monitoring Devices For Self Testing By Diabetics

Product Details:

Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:AllChek

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:100
Packaging Details:AllChekTM Glucose Meter Set with Start Kit 10pcs/25pcs
Supply Ability:100 Million a year
Detailed Product Description
Format: Device Specimen: Whole Blood
Kit Size: 1T/Kit Storage: 2-30℃
Shelf Time: 24 Months



The AllCheckTM blood glucose monitoring system will give you accurate readings from fresh capillary whole blood. This product is for professional use in medecal institutes or for self-testing by diabetics. Test results serve only as helpful information, not as proft for clinical diagnoses.




  Cat. No. Product Description
  Product Namme AllChekTM Blood Glucose Meter
  Size 83.6mm (L) x 51.6mm (W) x 15.3mm (Thickness)
  Glucose Test Range 1.1 - 33.3 mmol/L (20 - 600mg/dL)
  Results Dispaly Plasma quivalent
  Minimum sample volume 0.6μL
  Test time 5 seconds
  Battery 1 x CR 2032 3.0V coin cell battery
  Battery lige >1,000 radings
  Glucose Concentration Units mmol/L depending on the standard of your country.
  Memory storage 500 test results with date and time stamp
  Auto shutdown Automatci shutdown after 2 minites
  Display size 40mm x 42mm
  Weight About 50 grams (including battery)
  Operating temperature 5 - 45℃ (41-113℉)
  Operating humidity 20 - 90% (non-condensing)
  Hematocrit range 30 - 55%



Product Components

Depending on which AllCheckTM product you purchased, some of the components may to be purchased seperately. Please check the list of components printed on the box for details on which components are included with your purchase.
Blood Glucose Meter: The meter reads the test strips and displays the blood glucoseconcentration. Use this diagram to become familiar with all of theparts of your meter.
Test strips: AlIChekTM blood glucose test strips contain chemical reagents. Afterthe test strip is placed into the test strip port and a blood sample isapplied, the blood automatically wicks into test window. A transientelectrical current is generated, and this current is measured todetermine the correct blood glucose level reading.
Control solution: Control solution is a glucose solution of known concentration that is usedto confirm that your ÃlChek"' glucose meter and test strips are workingproperly. It is important to run a quality controll test regularly to make surethat you are geting accurate results.
Testing blood glucose:
1. Insert the test strip all of the way into the test strip port, and the meter will turn on automatically. If the audio is on, you will hear a "beep"sound, and all of the icons on the display will turn on at the same time.If the strip is inserted upside down, the meter will not turn on.
AllChek Blood Glucose Meter Glucose Monitoring Devices For Self Testing By Diabetics
2. The test strip has been inserted correctly when you see the test strip icon and flashing blood drop icon. If the test strip is not correctly inserted, the meter will not turn on - repeat the steps above.
3. Apply blood to the sample area of the test strip. If the audio is on, the meter will beep, telling you that enough blood has been applied and the meter will start the measurement.
AllChek Blood Glucose Meter Glucose Monitoring Devices For Self Testing By Diabetics
l Apply blood to the front or back of the test strip.·
l Smear the blood drop onto the test strip.
l Press your finger against the test strip.
4. The display will count down 5 seconds during the measurement process. If the audio is on, the test will end with a beep. If you applied a bloodsample but the meter does not begin a countdown, you may reapply a second drop of blood within 3 seconds.
If you press the ">" button, the test results will be marked with the "#" icon. Results marked with "#" symbol will not be used in the 7, 14, 30,60 or 90 day average calculations. If you accidentally mark your result with the "#" icon, simply press the ">" button again to cancel the mark. After marking a result with "#", please test again with a new strip.
If an error code is displayed, please check the troubleshotinginstructions. If "HI' or "LO" symbol is displayed, refer to the"HI" and "LO" Messages section.
AllChek Blood Glucose Meter Glucose Monitoring Devices For Self Testing By Diabetics
5. Record valid results in your logbook with date and time, and compare them to the target goals set by your healthcare professional. (Refer to Suggested Testing Times and Target Goals in Instruction Manual)
6. After the test has been completed, slide the test strip ejector to pop out the test strip, and the glucose meter will automatically turn off.

AllChek Blood Glucose Meter Glucose Monitoring Devices For Self Testing By Diabetics
Ordering Information
  Cat. No. Product Description
  AGL-ST10/ST25-a AllChekTM Glucose Meter Set, with Start Kit 10pcs/25pcs, Results formula: mmol/L
  AGL-ST20/ST25-b AllChekTM Glucose Meter Set, with Start Kit 10pcs/25pcs, Results formula: mg/dL
  AGL-NST-a AllChekTM Glucose Meter Set, without Start Kit, Results formula: mmol/L
  AGL-NST-b AllChekTM Glucose Meter Set, without Start Kit, Results formula: mg/dL
  AGL-S50 AllChekTM Glucose Strips, 25 strips into a canister, 50 strips into a box
  AGL-S100C AllChekTM Glucose Strips, 50 strips into a box
  AGL-IS50 AllChekTM Glucose Strip, 100 strips into a canister
  AGL-OST10/OST25 AllChekTM Glucose Start Kit 10 pcs/25pcs
  AGL-L50 Lancet, 50 pcs/box
  AGL-CS1/CS2/CSS AllChekTM Glucose Control Solution 1/2 set ( control solution 1&2)

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