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California authorities seize enough fentanyl in San Francisco to kill city's entire population nearly 3 times over

June 26, 2023

California authorities seize enough fentanyl in San Francisco to kill city's entire population nearly 3 times over


California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced late Wednesday that the state's highway patrol has seized enough fentanyl in San Francisco in the past six weeks to kill the city's entire population nearly three times over.


Since the governor launched a public safety partnership between the city and state on May 1, the California Highway Patrol has seized more than 4.2 kilograms of fentanyl in the Tenderloin neighborhood and the immediate surrounding area of San Francisco. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration considers a lethal dose of fentanyl to be 2 milligrams. One kilogram has the potential to kill 500,000 people, and the amount seized in San Francisco is enough to potentially kill 2.1 million people, according to a press release from Newsom's office.


Furthermore, in the first six weeks of the operation, the California Highway Patrol also seized more than 957 grams of methamphetamine, 319 grams of cocaine and 31 grams of heroin. The agency also made 92 felony and misdemeanor arrests, including on charges related to possession of fentanyl, illegal firearm possession, driving under the influence and domestic violence.


What is Fentanyl


Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid used for pain management in medical settings, but also abused recreationally due to its euphoric effects. It binds to opioid receptors in the body, suppressing pain and releasing dopamine. Fentanyl is more potent than other opioids, making it effective for pain relief but also dangerous if misused. It is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance in the US due to its high potential for abuse and dependence. Fentanyl is prescribed as a patch, lozenge, or injection, but illicit forms can come in pills, powders, or patches, and are often mixed with other substances, leading to overdose and death.


Preventing Fentanyl Misuse and Drug Abuse


Drug abuse, including the misuse of Fentanyl, is a serious public health concern that can lead to addiction, physical and mental health problems, financial instability, and even death. Preventing drug abuse requires a comprehensive approach that includes education, prevention, and treatment efforts, as well as healthcare providers carefully monitoring the use of prescription opioids like Fentanyl. By working together to promote drug-free living, we can prevent the devastating consequences of dru