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Don't forget these important tips while enjoying water activities!

August 1, 2023

As the summer season heats up, many people are looking to cool off in swimming pools and oceans. However, it's important to remember that these bodies of water can harbor harmful bacteria and viruses, which can cause illness, including some waterborne illnesses.


One of the biggest concerns is the risk of contamination from fecal matter, which contains harmful bacteria and viruses like E. coli and norovirus. More than half of the beaches tested reached “potentially unsafe levels” of fecal contamination at least one day last year according to the report released earlier this month by the Environment America Research & Policy Center. These can cause gastrointestinal illness and other health problems, making it important to take steps to prevent the spread.


In addition, women are at risk of vaginal infections from exposure to contaminated water in swimming pools and oceans. These infections are uncomfortable and even painful, and they can also increase the risk of other health problems.


To prevent the spread of infection and protect your health, it's important to maintain proper sanitation and chemical balance in swimming pools and oceans. Regular cleaning, proper filtration, and appropriate levels of chlorine and pH are essential to preventing the growth and spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.


It's also important to maintain good hygiene when swimming, which includes showering before and after swimming to remove any potential contaminants, avoiding sharing towels or swimsuits with others, and wearing breathable clothing that allows air to circulate. If you have any cuts or open wounds, it's advisable to avoid swimming until they have fully healed.


By taking these steps to protect your health and prevent the spread of infection, you can enjoy water activities safely and without worry.