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How Precision Medicine Combats Underused Genomic Testing

May 10, 2021

Medical oncologists need reliable and concise strategies to clarify therapeutic recommendations that consider patient-specific characteristics. Correlating somatic alterations to a patient’s clinical scenario is a time-consuming endeavor that requires continual updating to reflect the rapidly evolving information in the field of oncology. Contextualizing and sequencing somatic alteration interpretations with potential treatment options is prohibitively time-intensive for medical oncologists, a trend that will intensify even more as caseloads increase.

The presence of a medically focused precision medicine consultative service has shown proven value in the context of the current complexity and time constraints that medical oncologists face.

This approach will help medical oncologists reduce the amount of time spent interpreting somatic alterations and ensuring that interpretations are up to date with the most recent data relevant to individual cases. In turn, this will standardize and improve clinical care. The reporting from such a consultative service is also of high impact in letter of medical necessity discussions, where the goal is insurance company support for precision oncology options. By reducing the time burden spent per patient on result interpretation and therapeutic considerations, improved time efficiency may also strengthen revenue.



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