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New Veterinary Product Training

November 23, 2023

Today, Hangzhou AllTest Biotech Co., Ltd. organized a comprehensive training session to present its latest veterinary products. The focal point of the training was the veterinary test cup, which offers numerous benefits such as a hygienic and pollution-free design, adjustable sample volume, the capability to detect multiple substances, and exceptional precision.


Throughout the training, the company's devoted research and development team showcased the functionality of the test cup, highlighting its user-friendly features and emphasizing how it can streamline veterinary testing procedures.


Consistent with their commitment to continuous innovation, AllTest has expanded their portfolio of disease detection solutions for feline, canine, and avian species. The research and development team provided comprehensive insights into the applications, disease backgrounds, and operational procedures for various tests.


AllTest's unwavering determination to advance animal healthcare through state-of-the-art technology and ongoing research underscores their dedication to enhancing animal well-being and supporting the crucial work of veterinary professionals.