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Note on the detection of Novel Coronavirus variant strains by ALLTEST BIOTECH

December 1, 2021

The new novel Coronavirus variant found recently in several African countries has given rise to heightened vigilance.


In a statement issued after an emergency meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) on November 26th, the new novel coronavirus variant B.1.1.529 was designated as a "variant of concern" and named ‘Omicron’.The Omicron variant is now spreading across Africa and beyond at an alarming rate.


According to the report, mutations in Novel coronavirus-S protein K417N, E484A or N501Y suggest enhanced immune escape ability. The ‘omicron’ mutant also has a triple mutation of K417N+E484A+N501Y. In addition, ‘omicron’ variant strains also have several other mutations that may reduce the neutralization activity of some monoclonal antibodies. The superposition of mutations may reduce the protective efficacy of some antibody drugs against ‘omicron’ mutant strains, and the ability of immune escape against existing vaccines needs further monitoring and research.


In view of the Novel Coronavirus mutation reported by who, ALLTEST BIOTECH evaluated and verified the detection effect of the novel Coronavirus (2019-NCOV) nucleic acid and antigen antibody detection reagent produced by ALLTEST BIOTECH on the main novel Coronavirus mutation strains. Bioinformatics analysis and comparative verification have been carried out with the current popular mutant strains (including but not limited to Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Kappa, Eta, Iota, Lambda, etc.), and the results show that the Novel Coronavirus antigen antibody detection reagent produced by our company can effectively detect the above mutant strains. For the latest Omicron(B11.529) Novel Coronavirus mutant strain, our detection kit can also be effectively detected through bioinformatics analysis, and clinical verification tests are being carried out in various countries.


ALLTEST BIOTECH will continue to monitor novel Coronavirus genetic mutations to ensure that the Novel Coronavirus test kits manufactured and marketed by our company cover all major COVID-19 mutations to avoid missed targets, missed detection or reduced detection efficiency.