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The Importance of Antigen Rapid Detection of Specificity—ALLTEST

January 20, 2022

The Importance of Antigen Rapid Detection of Specificity—ALLTEST


During the development and promotion of rapid antigen detection reagents, many R&D personnel and marketing personnel focus on the sensitivity of the product and put it’s improvement he first, thus ignoring the importance of specificity, which is also for future products.this can easily cause hidden dangers.


Now, the antigen rapid test strip is in the stage of high-level research and development. The sensitivity of the rapid test strip on the market has already met the requirements of clinical verification, market sampling, regulatory registration and even WHO's expectations. But there is still a problem in specificity.


Currently, the expectations of regulatory agencies, experts and customers for the new crown antigen detection reagent are high specificity, high sensitivity, simple, practical and stable storage. Under similar sensitivity, it can ensure no false positives, reduce the complaint rate and truly meet the market demand. This has become the core point of competition.


Therefore, in the process of product development and evaluation, it is necessary to balance the relationship between sensitivity and specificity. We should carefully take into account stability and possible problems during long-term placement to create better products and reduce the complaint rate after delivery. This is also the research and development idea that AllTest has been implementing.